Adopt A Grandparent Program

Our Senior Citizens have been separated from their loved ones for almost a year! From the warmth of in person Visits and Hugs!

We are Very Excited To Participate in the International Adopt A Grandparent Program!

Every Resident in the chosen local Nursing Home and or Assisted Living Community will receive a Balloon Valentine “Buddy” to brighten their Day!

Our first community is Citadel of Northbrook with 130 Grandmas and Grandpas who would all love to be “adopted”!

Then on to the next community.

Order a Balloon Valentine “Buddy or (several). You will be bringing Joy and a little Happy to an isolated Senior.

**The balloon Valentine “Buddy” will be delivered and the staff will pass them to each and every resident! A Big Thank -You to The Staff!

Special Pricing For Adopt A Grandparent:

Order 1 Valentine Balloon “Buddy” $15.00 each
Order 2 Valentine Balloon “Buddy” $24.00
Order 3 Valentine Balloon “Buddy” $36.00
Order 4 Valentine Balloon “Buddy” $48.00
Order 5 Valentine Balloon “Buddy” $60.00
Order 6 Valentine Balloon “Buddy” $72.00
Order 7 Valentine Balloon Buddy’s $84.00

Delivery and fees and note card included

Important notice: How to “Adopt a Grandparent” and Buy Balloon Valentine “Buddy’s”

For this program:

* Step 1….Please Email:

* Step 2….Subject line: Type Adopt a Grandparent

* Step 3….In The Message area: Type your name, your phone number, and how many Balloon Valentine “Buddy’s you will order.

* Step 4…we will invoice you and then you pay with credit card.

* Step 5…Thank You for your patience going through this procedure!!!!

We are very appreciative of you participating in Adopt A grand Parent Program! Thank You for bringing so much Joy !!!