Adopt A Grandparent

Bring Joy & Happiness To A Grandparent In Our Community

This is a challenging time for our Seniors in isolation with very limited time or ability to meet with family and Friends.
They’re missing out on Family Gatherings, Visits and Hugs!

To Celebrate and bring Happiness for Valentines Day
We will bring Balloon Valentines to each resident in chosen
Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Memory Care.

We are reaching to the Local Community to Help Celebrate This Valentines Day. With donating a
Balloon Valentine! Similar to the picture from last year. CJE and Citadel.

Barbara’s Balloons will make the cheerful Balloon Valentine and will deliver to the Lodge in Northbrook!
Includes a note card. Anonymously.
The Staff will pass them out to each Grand Resident. Our Goal is 200 Balloon Valentines!

To Participate: Show your Love…Purchase one or several.

1 Balloon Valentine $12.00
2 Balloon Valentine $ 20.00
3 Balloon Valentine $30.00
4 balloon Valentine $40.00
5 Balloon Valentine $50.00
10 Balloon Valentine $60.00

Delivery and fees and note card included

Important notice: How to “Adopt a Grandparent” and Buy Balloon Valentine “Buddy’s”

For this program:

* Step 1….Please Email:

* Step 2….Subject line: Type Adopt a Grandparent

* Step 3….In The Message area: Type your name, your phone number, and how many Balloon Valentine “Buddy’s you will order.

* Step 4…we will invoice you and then you pay with credit card.

* Step 5…Thank You for your patience going through this procedure!!!!

Thank You for Helping to Bring Happiness this Valentine’s Day To Our Grands!